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    Helping you build a connected web for all of us.

    Gm. We’re 6MV. A web3 native collective of investors, founders, and builders, partnering with innovators to create the user-owned internet. Building something special?

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    By builders, for builders.

    6MV was born from a love of web3 in practice and principle, founded and run by a group who both see the potential and actively work to bring projects to life every day. That makes us incredible partners to have on your journey.

    Builder First

    The best way to actualize the user-owned web is to enable the people who are creating it – with capital, practical support, research & insights and connections. We put the builders’ needs at the forefront of everything we do.

    Community Drivers

    The user-owned web is built on community – we’ve built them from scratch and can help you do the same.

    Web3 Natives

    We embrace the user-owned potential of web3 because we believe it’s inevitable. We are willing to take risks on opportunities and people others don’t understand.

    Portfolio companies

    We’re proud to support the teams building the user-owned web, from infrastructure to applications, protocols to companies. Shaping the future takes multitudes. Curious about how we choose who we work with? Check out our Investment Criteria.

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    Our starting lineup

    We are founders and operators with deep business and technical expertise. We have deep empathy and understanding of where our portfolio companies are now as we have built and scaled companies.

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    Mike Dudas

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    Serge Kassardjian

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    Carl Vogel

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    Aaron Kern

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    Mustafa Qazi

    We’ve got some things to say

    Airdrops: An Analysis of Over 2,000,000 Events

    Airdrops have been a common but understudied part of token generation events (TGE). The mechanism is simple – distribute freshly minted tokens to the right wallets to help establish an initial float, enable on-chain governance, power transactions, reward early contributors, and potentially attract new users.  We believe that such a ubiquitous element of token design Keep Reading ›

    Why Crypto Will Unlock a New Wave of Billion-Dollar Physical Infrastructure Networks (DEPIN)

    TL;DR Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) are a rapidly emerging crypto use case. By combining distributed infrastructure with token incentives, many of the existing problems in centralized infrastructure are solved elegantly, enabling decentralized GPUs, storage, energy, wireless, and GPS networks.  The DePIN model has three key advantages: Easier Capital Formation due to diversified risk of Keep Reading ›

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    Have a question about our investments, our fund, or just want to say hi? While we’re most active on Twitter, you can hit us up through this form. If you want to tell us about your company and discuss investment, check out our consideration criteria and fill out an investment form.