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    How do we find the right companies to partner with?

    We’re looking for founders…
    1. Building for web3 first
    2. Domain expertise or unique insights that differentiate
    3. Solving big problems in massive markets
    4. Ability to execute go to market and shipping product with velocity
    5. Benefit from 6MV’s strong added value sweet spot focused on startup ops, marketing & comms, partnership intros, and product iteration

    If your project is in our focus areas and has significant potential, please submit the investment form below.



      Investment Consideration Form

      Thanks for your interest in 6MV! We’re excited to learn about your company. Our mission is to enable the founders and community building the user-owned web. We are currently investing out of our $145M Fund II, making investments of up to $5M in Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A rounds.

      Have a general question or just want to say hello? Hit us up on twitter or with our general contact form.

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